Q & A

What exactly is the experimental waste?
Essentially, its a mix of all the failed batchs of our current and in-the-works products. However, failed does not mean it will not write, but means it did not reach baseline expectations of the final product. For example, a batch of billy's mix didn't dissolve completeley due to accidental impuritites; therefore all the solid particulates would be filtered out and the liquid is poured into a big bottle.

The shoe polisher nib tears really easily, what can I do?
This video will help.

If I am making an international order of just stickers, why do I have to pay so much?
That shipping cost is for the markers, if you only want to purchase stickers, please contact me. Instagram direct messaging is the fastest way to make contact, but of course email is open too.

I can't get Billy's mix off of my hands, what do I do?
When this happens to me, I use hand sanitizer, soap, and lots of warm water. I use something like a sponge or shower scrubbie gloves to get it off. It might not come 100% off, but it will get a lot of it.

But what if I don't have hand sanatizer?
Warm soap and water, and vice versa if you don't have soap and water.

What if I dont have soap, warm water, or any form of alcohol?
Shit homie, spit and paper towels should do something.

Why are your stickers sold individually, instead of a pack?
Well I thought about what if, someone wants 5 of one sticker and like 7 of the other? Or what if they don't have enough money for a pack of 30 but still want some? Well this is the answer. Plus you essentially get to make your own custom pack, which sounds pretty cool lol.