Sold out $8.99 - $21.99

Solvent/Water based ink

Clear/Baby Blue Liquid, turns brown/dark grey in sunlight

Mop painted black to prevent in solution reaction; very low chance of it but it happened once out of the several trials so it's just in case

Built for staining

HEADS UP: Time of day will affect opaqueness and surface will affect color. If done at night, will turn out about 50 - 70% of the full reaction in the morning. If done right before sunrise, or during daytime, you'll get 100% of the reaction. If done at sunset, you'll get 50% or less of a reaction. Some surfaces it will turn a dark grey, a dark tan, or a dark brown. It turns into a rusty orange on 228 labels. Won't work on windows since it can't absorb light; it'll pass right through and nothing happens. Also it has the consistency of water, so don't squeeze too hard, especially on horizontal surfaces.

Warning: Is flammable, keep away from open flames.

For professional use. Keep out of reach from children.



First Sold: 06/21/2022