If the incorrect address is given by the customer, please let us know immediately before friday/saturday. However, if it was 24 hours after delivery, the buyer must pay for shipping again.


For international orders, the customer will have to pay the import fee. 


If any damage has occurred to the contents within the package (leakage, items missing, etc.), please let us know and we will send a replacement free of charge. Please provide photographic evidence, if none provided, no replacement order. 


Markers that have been used cannot be returned. Meaning if it were used by the customer, then discovered it is the incorrect one, it cannot be returned. 


I have no way of verifying the age of any of my customers. 


If you want something to be held for future purchasing, it will be held for 2 weeks. If it is not purchased within those two weeks, it will be taken off hold and back on the website (restocked) for purchasing.