VWR Lab Marker


Lab Markers

Made for marking just about any surface really.

Usually go for 10 smackeroos each

Found out they bleed through paint.

Great for paper and eggshell labels, specifically used these for draw a blank sticker co.'s life insurance labels.


The ink lasted a very, very long time through the seasons on both paper and eggshell.


"UltraCruz® Fine Tip Lab Markers can be used for a wide variety of laboratory marking, labeling, or addressing tasks. Markers are suitable for industrial, biomedical, research, and educational laboratories for marking small lab samples, slides, beakers, sample bags, freezer boxes, and more. Lab Markers can be used to write on glass, film, plastic, metal, porcelain, wood, rubber, and paper. Markers contain permanent ink that is resistant to solvents such as water and alcohol. The durable fine tip and generous ink supply provide a long product life. Markers are available in green or black ink that dries quickly for immediate handling of labware. An airtight cap prevents the marker from drying out. UltraCruz® Lab Markers are comparable to Sharpie® Marker Pens."

For professional use. Keep out of reach from children.